Choosing the right mattress

What is the mattress for?

A mattress is a structure created to provide the body with proper support in a lying position. Well-chosen provides a comfortable, healthy and safe sleep. Even the best sofa, corner or sofa bed will not provide this, because these furniture is usually hard, intended for use in a sitting position or for occasional sleep. Unfortunately, especially users of smaller apartments often face a dilemma when planning a bed purchase. It is difficult then for an ideal spatial and functional solution, but it is worth devoting more attention to this decision, because proper support of the body during sleep is an investment in health. For these reasons, we recommend, if possible, the selection of a mattress tailored to individual needs, especially in children's bedrooms. Mattresses 180x200 cm are a very popular sleeping foundation for one person.

Types of mattresses

The development of technologies and the desire to build increasingly better matched mattresses have resulted in the introduction of products with different hardness zones. This puts us in a dilemma about how many zones should have a mattress. Mattresses are divided into 1-, 3-, 5-, and 7-zone. These zones were separated to provide adequate support for the head, neck and shoulders, loins, hips, thighs, calves and feet. It must be remembered that the hardness zones are designed for medium height and assuming that we do not change our position too often during sleep and only then perfectly fulfill their role. Otherwise their meaning is rather secondary. Po więcej informacji na temat materacy zapraszamy na stronę